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Strategic Alliance with esteemed Customers for Long Term




India is currently producing 22.7 Mn Vehicles annually (23.4% of Global requirements). Accordingly, India is on its way to become 3rd largest Auto Maker in the world by year 2025, from its current position of 5th. This drive is well supported to Govt Incentives and Policies that India is exporting Vehicles and Auto Components to more than 100 Countries around the World.


India is a home to many reputed International OEMs manufacturing its Vehicles in India, well supported by ever increasing Supplier Base. It is the heaven for such companies with aspiration of business expansion in Asia. US Council of Competitive Survey ranked India ahead of Taiwan, Brazil, Thailand, Mexico and Vietnam in Manufacturing Competitiveness. The Report expects India to be 2nd only to China, as a Global Supplier for all Sectors including Automotive.





Global Automate (INDIA), established in year 2019 intent to work for Automotive OEM, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Engineering sectors. We specialises in Product Development (All Technologies and Manufacturing Processes) and Global Sourcing Activities. We have more than 100+ highly Competitive Suppliers across India and ASEAN Countries. We take immense pride in Serving to our European and North American Customers, as per their customised requirements. Our USP is Quality, Cost, Delivery and Development. 


In order to work closely and locally with our Customers and Suppliers, we have multi locational Footprints in India and at Global Level.




In the last 5 years, decision making process for Sourcing from Low Cost Yet Quality Conscious Countries, has become increasingly prevalent than never before. Global Automate is one Platform which can be explored, to utilise such opportunities. We have a huge Supplier Base, Excellent Networking, Technically & Commercial Competent / Competitive, Multi Locational Presence with India, ASEAN, Europe and North America.

Indian Auto Component Business worth USD 60bn, Export worth 27%. This Sector is offering employment to 4 Million Technocrats directly and Indirectly.

about us


To Create Most Trustworthy and Reliable Order Execution System for Automotive Manufacturing Companies at Global Level


To Build a Business

You Built People

And Then People

Built the Business


Networking and Strategic Partnership with Similar Agencies to Generate Business


Create a Solid Pool of Strategic Supplier Base of all Technologies


We will continuously strive to delight our Customers by Outstanding Quality of Products and Services


  • Strategic Partnership with Customers and Suppliers at Global Level

  • Technological and System Improvement

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